If you can promise yourself the following 8 Points…
  1. I will participate in good faith to reach an agreement that addresses both of our interests and concerns.
  2. I will make a full and total disclosure to my team members and the other party of all facts pertinent to the legal matter.
  3. I promise to remain true to the collaborative way by behaving and responding in an ethical and non-adversarial manner.
  4. I will, at all times, communicate respectfully and constructively with everyone in order to settle all matters promptly and economically.
  5. I promise to only discuss settlement in the conference setting and will not discuss settlement issues in the presence of our children or at unannounced times by telephone calls or appearance at each other’s residence or place of employment.
  6. I will waive all confidentiality among all team members and I will encourage communication among all the professionals.
  7. I will enter into a separate fee agreement with each professional employed during the collaborative process.
  8. I will sign a Statement of Understanding among team members as will all of the professionals involved.
...then Collaborative Divorce is for YOU!