You are about to go through one of the most difficult periods of your life! Is the Collaborative Way for you? Only you can decide! Remember, it is…

…A non-adversarial approach to your divorce without Court Intervention or the costs!
…The ability to give you and your children a real, honest, and healthy chance to move forward.
…A chance to end your divorce a lot faster!
…An opportunity to use Teams of professionals for all the aspects of your divorce process & still have a strong possibility of saving money!
…A chance to abolish the win-lose mentality of litigation & favor a win-win solution!
…The likelihood to avoid so much unnecessary future heartache & pain.
…The good-benefits to create cooperative environment, no matter how hurt you must be.
…The power for more privacy and greater confidentiality.
...As a result of scheduling your own appointment and not waiting for court dates, there is a possibility for saving time and money as you reach closure.

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